• Animal Crossing Fruit Stream Graphics Kit


    Get your streams looking cute and cohesive with this graphics kit by Kaylico! Inspired by the town fruits in Animal Crossing, get your streams ready for New Horizons with this adorable kit!


    By purchasing this kit, you will automatically receive:


    By purchasing this kit, you will automatically receive:


    15 Overlay Options :
    - Square Cam + Game
    - Greenscreen + Game
    - Fullscreen Cam / No Cam
    (each version comes with varying overlay elements)


    5 alerts:
    - Apple
    - Cherry
    - Pear
    - Peach
    - Orange


    18 panels:
    - About
    - Alerts
    - Credit
    - Discord
    - Donations
    - Goals
    - Hardware
    - PC Specs
    - PO Box
    - Products
    - Rules
    - Schedule
    - Socials
    - Specs
    - Subscribe
    - Tips
    - Twitter
    - Values


    5 Status Scenes:
    - Starting Soon (animated)
    - Be Right Back (animated)
    - Thanks for Watching (animated)
    - Thanks for Watching (static)
    - Offline

    • File Info

      All images (panels, overlays, alerts) will be transparent PNGs
      All animated scenes will be loopable MP4s

    • To Use

      Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use everything! Please reach out if you need any help.

      If you'd like to credit me, there is a "Designed by Kaylico" panel you may use or list me in your own Credits panel. Either way, please link to my website ( kaylico.com ) or my Twitch ( twitch.tv/kaylico )! 

    • Policies

      As this product is delivered immediately, returns, refunds, and exchanges are not allowed. 

      Buying these graphics grants you usage only - not ownership. This stream kit grants the rights for one individual to use the included files. You do not have the right to redistribute, resell, rework, or merchandise these graphics. This includes sending the files to a friend! 

      Additionally, please do not edit any of these graphics. If you need some alterations, please contact me! 

      If you need any additional panels, please ask! Extra panels are included in this stream kit. Any additional revisions or customizations can be done for tips.